Who is Alice Playten, American film actresse – Alice Playten biography

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Alice Playten
Alice Plotkin

(1947-08-28)August 28, 1947

New York City, U.S.

June 25, 2011(2011-06-25) (aged 63)

New York City, U.S.
Years active1959–2009
Joshua White

(m. 1982)​

Who is Alice Playten


Biography of Alice Playten

Alice Playten’s Remarkable Voice and Acting Talent

Alice Playten, born Alice Plotkin on August 28, 1947, and departing from this world on June 25, 2011 at the age of 63, was undeniably an exceptional American actress. Her signature attribute was an endearing and unique high-pitched, child-like voice that she skillfully utilized to bring life and depth to her characters. This singular characteristic endeared her to audiences, ensuring her place as a beloved performer within the realm of entertainment.

August 28, 1947, marked the entrance of Alice Plotkin into this world, a date that would set the stage for an extraordinary journey in the realm of acting. Shining brightly until June 25, 2011, Alice Playten showcased her remarkable talent and became renowned for her endearing, high-pitched, child-like voice. Her gift allowed her to effortlessly embody a multitude of characters, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who witnessed her extraordinary performances.

Regrettably, the world bid farewell to the incredibly gifted Alice Playten on June 25, 2011. However, her legacy lives on as a beloved American actress whose voice resonates as a sweet melody in the memories of countless admirers. She possessed a rare ability to capture the essence of each character she portrayed, thanks to her enchantingly high-pitched, child-like voice. Alice Playten’s contributions to the world of acting will forever be cherished and remembered.

Alice Playten, formerly known as Alice Plotkin, was a renowned American actress who graced the stage and screen with her enchanting presence. Born on August 28, 1947, she breathed life into her characters with a mesmerizing, high-pitched, child-like voice that charmed audiences worldwide. Sadly, she left this mortal realm on June 25, 2011, leaving behind a legacy filled with captivating performances and unforgettable moments. The memory of Alice Playten, forever etched in our minds, is a testament to her extraordinary talent and legacy.

1. What are some notable movies and TV shows featuring Alice Playten?

Alice Playten was a versatile actress known for her distinctive voice and dynamic acting skills. Her career spanned several decades, and she appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows that showcased her range. Notably, Playten featured in the 1985 fantasy film “Legend,” directed by Ridley Scott, where she played the character Blix, a goblin under the command of the Lord of Darkness. Her performance was characterized by a unique blend of menace and humor, making Blix a memorable character in the fantasy genre.

On television, Playten made several appearances in popular shows. One of her memorable roles was in the sitcom “Frasier,” where she lent her voice talents to an episode, contributing to the series’ reputation for witty dialogue and engaging storylines. Throughout her career, Playten demonstrated a remarkable ability to bring characters to life, whether through voice acting or on-screen performances, making her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

2. What was Alice Playten known for in the Alka-Seltzer commercial?

Alice Playten gained recognition outside of her traditional acting roles through her appearance in an Alka-Seltzer commercial. In this advertisement, she played the role of a disgruntled stomach, personifying the discomfort and indigestion that the product aimed to relieve. Her performance was characterized by a humorous and exaggerated portrayal of pain and relief, as she interacted with the product’s mascot, “Speedy.” The commercial was well-received for its creative approach to advertising and is remembered as one of the more iconic ads of its time.

Playten’s involvement in the Alka-Seltzer commercial demonstrated her versatility as an actress and her ability to engage audiences in different formats. Her comedic timing and expressive voice made the commercial memorable and helped establish her as a recognizable face in the entertainment industry. The ad is a testament to Playten’s talent and her ability to leave a lasting impression, even in a brief television spot.

3. How did Alice Playten contribute to the film “Legend” as the character Blix?

In the 1985 film “Legend,” Alice Playten’s portrayal of Blix was a standout performance that contributed significantly to the movie’s dark and enchanting atmosphere. Blix, the goblin lieutenant to the Lord of Darkness, is cunning, malicious, and unapologetically wicked. Playten’s voice work and the makeup effects combined to create a character that was both terrifying and fascinating. Her delivery of Blix’s lines, with a perfect blend of menace and dark humor, helped establish the film’s tone and gave depth to the fantasy world it portrayed.

Playten’s performance was not just about the voice; her physical acting through the heavy makeup and prosthetics added layers to Blix’s character. She managed to convey a wide range of emotions and intentions, making Blix not just a simple villain, but a complex character with motives and personality. Her work in “Legend” is often cited as a highlight of the film and remains one of her most memorable roles, showcasing her talent for bringing fantastical characters to life.

4. What was Alice Playten’s cause of death?

Alice Playten passed away on June 25, 2011, after a long and valiant battle with several serious health issues. Her cause of death was reported as heart failure, which was a complication arising from her years-long struggle with pancreatic cancer and diabetes. Playten had been open about her health challenges, and despite them, she continued to work and perform for as long as she could, demonstrating her dedication and love for her craft.

The news of her passing was met with an outpouring of tributes and condolences from fans and colleagues alike, who remembered her not only for her vast array of roles in theater, film, and television but also for her resilience and spirit in the face of illness. Playten’s legacy in the entertainment industry is marked by her versatility, talent, and the courage she displayed throughout her career and personal life.

Alice playten movies and tv shows

1. Legend (1985)

In Ridley Scott’s dark fantasy film, Playten portrayed Blix, the goblin lieutenant to the Lord of Darkness. Her performance was both menacing and humorous, making Blix a standout character in this cult classic.

2. Frasier (TV Series)

Appearing in a voice role, Playten contributed to one of television’s most beloved sitcoms. Her work added to the show’s reputation for witty dialogue and engaging storylines.

3. Oliver! (1963)

In the Broadway production of “Oliver!”, Playten played the role of Bet. Her performance in this musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic novel was both heartwarming and compelling.

4. Ladybug Ladybug (1963)

In this poignant Cold War drama, Playten played a student facing the terror of a potential nuclear attack. Her performance was a chilling reminder of the era’s anxieties.

5. National Lampoon’s Disco Beaver from Outer Space (1978)

In this offbeat TV movie, Playten showcased her comedic skills, contributing to a quirky and satirical take on the disco era.

6. Doug (TV Series)

As a voice actor in this beloved animated series, Playten brought to life multiple characters, demonstrating her versatility and appeal to younger audiences.

7. Heavy Metal (1981)

In this cult animated film, Playten lent her voice to various characters, contributing to its unique and eclectic style.

8. The Pirates of Penzance (1983)

In this film adaptation of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera, Playten’s comedic and musical talents shone brightly, adding a layer of charm and wit.

9. Seize the Day (1986)

In this drama based on Saul Bellow’s novel, Playten played the role of Olive, showcasing her ability to bring depth and emotion to her characters.

10. The Sorrows of Gin (1979)

In this TV movie, Playten’s performance highlighted her dramatic range, playing a role that was both complex and compelling.

11. Small Wonder (TV Series)

Appearing in this unique sitcom, Playten’s comedic timing and unique presence added a special touch to the show’s whimsical premise.

12. My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)

Lending her voice to this animated fantasy, Playten brought life to the characters, enchanting a generation of young viewers.

13. Alice in Wonderland (1983)

In this TV adaptation, Playten played the role of the White Queen, bringing a sense of whimsy and wonder to the production.

14. Mr. President (TV Series)

Appearing in this sitcom, Playten showcased her comedic skills, contributing to the show’s humorous take on politics and family life.

15. The Cosby Show (TV Series)

In a guest role on this iconic sitcom, Playten’s performance was both humorous and memorable, adding to the show’s legacy of guest stars.

16. Hurricane (1979)

In this disaster film, Playten’s role added to the dramatic tension and action, showcasing her ability to perform in high-stakes scenarios.

17. Hercules (1997)

In this animated Disney film, Playten contributed her voice to the memorable cast, adding to the movie’s mythic and comedic elements.

18. The Tenth Month (1979)

In this TV movie, Playten’s performance was both touching and nuanced, exploring the complexities of personal relationships and societal expectations.

19. Third Watch (TV Series)

In this drama series, Playten appeared in a guest role, contributing to the show’s portrayal of emergency responders and their personal and professional challenges.

20. Christmas Evil (1980)

In this cult horror film, Playten played a role that showcased her ability to adapt to various genres, adding a unique element to the movie’s eerie atmosphere.