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Biography of Alicia Rhett

Mary Alicia Rhett, born on February 1, 1915, and passing away on January 3, 2014, was not only a talented American actress but also an accomplished portrait painter. One of her most prominent roles was the character India Wilkes in the timeless cinematic masterpiece, Gone with the Wind, released in 1939. Throughout her life, Rhett remained a cherished member of the film’s credited cast, solidifying her position as one of the oldest surviving individuals associated with this iconic production.

When it came to acting, Mary Alicia Rhett showcased exceptional talent and versatility. Her portrayal of India Wilkes in Gone with the Wind captivated audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of countless movie enthusiasts. Through her nuanced performance, she truly brought the character to life, flawlessly capturing India’s persona and essence. Rhett’s dedication to her craft elevated the depth and authenticity of her portrayal, making a significant contribution to the enduring legacy of the film.

Beyond her captivating on-screen presence, Mary Alicia Rhett also had a lesser-known talent as a portrait painter. This multifaceted artist displayed her creative prowess off the screen, channeling her imagination and artistic sensibilities into her paintings. Each brushstroke of Rhett unveiled the soul and inner beauty of her subjects, showcasing her keen eye and remarkable skill in capturing their essence.

While Rhett achieved numerous accomplishments throughout her life, her distinction as one of the oldest surviving members of Gone with the Wind further emphasizes her lasting legacy. Being a part of such a monumental film, Rhett witnessed firsthand the immense impact it had on cinematic history. Her continued presence among the credited cast members stands as a testament to her significant contribution and her everlasting importance to this iconic production.

Mary Alicia Rhett will always be remembered as an extraordinary American actress and a mesmerizing portrait painter. Her portrayal of India Wilkes in Gone with the Wind, alongside her ability to capture the essence of her subjects through portraiture, showcases her immense talent and creativity. Rhett’s enduring legacy as one of the oldest surviving cast members of the film leaves an indelible mark, forever immortalizing her rightful place in the annals of cinematic history.


  1. Who was Alicia Rhett and how did she gain international stardom? Alicia Rhett was an American actress and artist best known for her role as India Wilkes in the 1939 film “Gone with the Wind.” Her performance in this classic movie, despite being her only film role, earned her international recognition. Alicia Rhett’s portrayal of India Wilkes, a supporting character, showcased her acting talent and contributed significantly to her fame. Outside of acting, she was also an accomplished artist, known for her paintings and portraits.

  2. What is Alicia Rhett known for in the art world? Aside from her brief acting career, Alicia Rhett was a talented artist. She is recognized for her detailed and expressive artwork, particularly her portraits. Rhett had a passion for capturing the essence of her subjects through her paintings, and her work was well-regarded in the art community. Her style reflected a deep understanding of her subjects, and her art continues to be appreciated for its emotional depth and technical proficiency.

  3. What was the cause of Alicia Rhett’s death? Alicia Rhett passed away on January 3, 2014, at the age of 98. The cause of her death was reported as natural causes. Living a long and fulfilling life, she spent her later years in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Her legacy as an actress and artist continues to be celebrated by fans of her work and “Gone with the Wind” enthusiasts.

  4. How did Alicia Rhett contribute to “Gone with the Wind”? In “Gone with the Wind,” Alicia Rhett played the role of India Wilkes, a supporting character. Her performance was well-received, contributing to the film’s overall success and historical significance. Though her screen time was limited compared to the main stars, her portrayal added depth and nuance to the movie, making her a memorable part of one of the most famous films in Hollywood history.

  5. Can I find Alicia Rhett’s paintings and where are they exhibited? Alicia Rhett’s paintings, particularly her portraits, have been displayed in various art galleries and exhibitions, primarily in the South Carolina area where she lived. Some of her artwork might be in private collections, and occasionally, her pieces are featured in estate sales or art auctions. For those interested in viewing her work, contacting art galleries in Charleston or looking for exhibitions featuring Southern artists from her era would be a good start.

  6. Are there any photos or autographs of Alicia Rhett available for collectors? Photos and autographs of Alicia Rhett are considered valuable by collectors, especially those interested in “Gone with the Wind” memorabilia. They can sometimes be found in online auctions, estate sales, and from collectors of vintage Hollywood items. Authenticity is crucial, so purchasing from reputable sources or verifying authenticity is recommended for serious collectors.

  7. How old was Alicia Rhett when she passed away, and how is her legacy remembered? Alicia Rhett was 98 years old at the time of her death. Her legacy is remembered through her iconic role in “Gone with the Wind” and her impressive body of artwork. Fans and historians alike celebrate her contributions to the film and art worlds, and she remains a subject of interest for those studying the Golden Age of Hollywood and Southern American art.

  8. What can be found about Alicia Rhett on IMDb and other similar sites? On IMDb and similar filmography databases, you can find detailed information about Alicia Rhett’s acting career, notably her role in “Gone with the Wind.” These sites provide insights into her life, career highlights, and sometimes personal anecdotes or quotes. For those interested in her film work and the impact of her role, these resources are invaluable.

  9. Was Alicia Rhett ever married or involved in significant relationships? Alicia Rhett led a very private life, and there is little public information about her personal relationships. She never married and had no children. Most of her life after acting was dedicated to her art and living quietly in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

  10. What can be found at Alicia Rhett’s grave or in memorial sites dedicated to her? Alicia Rhett is buried in the St. Philip’s Church Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina. Visitors to her grave can pay respects to the actress and artist who made a lasting impact through her brief but memorable acting career and her lifelong dedication to art. Her grave and any memorials dedicated to her typically reflect her contributions to both the film and art worlds


Movies and Shows by Alicia Rhett


1. Gone with the Wind (1939) Alicia Rhett’s most notable role was as India Wilkes in the classic film “Gone with the Wind.” In this epic historical romance, she played the sister of Ashley Wilkes, the love interest of the film’s protagonist, Scarlett O’Hara. Rhett’s portrayal of India was that of a dignified, albeit somewhat bitter, Southern belle whose reserved nature and quiet intensity stood in stark contrast to the fiery Scarlett. Her performance, while not as front and center as the leads, contributed significantly to the atmospheric tension and dramatic narrative of the post-Civil War South.

“Gone with the Wind” remains a monumental film in the history of American cinema, known for its grandeur, complex characters, and sweeping narrative. Rhett’s involvement in such a seminal work has ensured her a permanent place in the annals of film history. Her character, India Wilkes, is often remembered for her unspoken rivalry with Scarlett and her subtle but impactful presence in the various social dynamics of the story.

2. Uncredited and Lesser-Known Roles Following “Gone with the Wind,” Alicia Rhett’s career in film was brief. She was more interested in art and theater, which led her away from the silver screen. However, her role in “Gone with the Wind” was so iconic that it overshadowed other aspects of her career. She may have been involved in stage productions and possibly had minor, uncredited roles in other films and projects during her time as an actress, but none have been as well-documented or celebrated as her role in “Gone with the Wind.”

Her decision to focus on her art and life in Charleston, South Carolina, meant that she left Hollywood shortly after her rise to fame. She became a well-respected portrait painter, dedicating her life to her art rather than pursuing further roles in film. While this means her filmography is limited, it does not diminish the impact of her work. Her portrayal of India Wilkes remains a studied and admired performance in the world of classic cinema.

Alicia Rhett’s life after film was one of artistic pursuit and community involvement. She was known in Charleston for her art and her dedication to the cultural and civic life of the city. This turn towards a quieter, more introspective life, away from the glitz of Hollywood, speaks volumes about her character and priorities.