Who is Anise Boyer, American film actresse – Anise Boyer biography

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Anise Boyer
Boyer in Harlem Is Heaven, 1932
BornApril 15, 1914
DiedOctober 10, 2008(2008-10-10) (aged 94)
Los Angeles
Other namesAnise Dixon, Anise Clark, Anise Burris
Occupation(s)Actress and dancer
Spouse(s)Al Dixon, Robert Clark, Phillip Burris
Who is Anise Boyer


Biography of Anise Boyer

Anise Margaret Boyer achieved widespread recognition for her significant contributions to the cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance. With her immense talent and multifaceted abilities, Boyer embarked on an extraordinary artistic journey that commenced at a remarkably young age.

Boyer’s illustrious career unfolded when she became a member of the renowned Cotton Club chorus line. Even in her youth, she dazzled audiences with her captivating dance moves, showcasing a rare artistic brilliance that set her apart. Her performances at the Cotton Club marked the beginning of a remarkable career that would bring her widespread acclaim.

As her skills and talents continued to grow, Boyer’s star rose to new heights. In 1932, she secured a leading role in the groundbreaking film “Harlem is Heaven.” This pivotal role not only showcased Boyer’s acting abilities but also allowed her to make a significant impact on the cinematic landscape of that era. Her performance in the film solidified her reputation as a versatile and immensely talented artist.

Boyer’s artistic journey soon expanded beyond the confines of the silver screen and the dance stages. She embarked on numerous travels alongside the legendary Cab Calloway’s band, adding yet another dimension to her already diverse career. As part of the dynamic duo known as Anise and Åland, Boyer’s dance routines enthralled audiences, leaving a lasting impression wherever they performed.

After an illustrious and fruitful career in the entertainment industry, Boyer took her final bow in 1948. With gratitude and admiration, she retired, leaving behind a remarkable legacy that continues to inspire artists and entertainers to this day. Anise Margaret Boyer’s contributions to the world of dance and film during the vibrant era of the Harlem Renaissance will forever be remembered and celebrated.


1. “Harlem is Heaven” (1932) One of Anise Boyer’s most significant roles was in “Harlem is Heaven,” where she played the lead female role. This film is often noted for being one of the first with an all-Black cast and for featuring Bill “Bojangles” Robinson in a prominent role. Boyer’s performance was both charming and skilled, showcasing her talents as an actress and dancer. The film is not just entertainment; it’s a historical piece that offers insight into the Harlem Renaissance and the artistry that defined the era.

2. “The Emperor Jones” (1933) In “The Emperor Jones,” Boyer had a supporting role alongside the legendary Paul Robeson. The film, based on a play by Eugene O’Neill, was groundbreaking for its time, featuring a predominantly African American cast and dealing with complex themes of power, race, and identity. Boyer’s performance, though not the central focus of the film, contributed to the powerful narrative and the groundbreaking nature of the movie.

3. “Cafe Metropole” (1937) “Cafe Metropole” is a classic Hollywood film in which Anise Boyer appeared in a minor role. Starring Tyrone Power and Loretta Young, the film is a romantic comedy set in Paris. While Boyer’s screen time was limited, her role as a dancer added to the film’s cosmopolitan and glamorous ambiance.

4. “One Mile from Heaven” (1937) In “One Mile from Heaven,” Boyer played a supporting role in this drama that tackled the complex issues of race and identity. The film was progressive for its time, addressing themes of racial passing and the social constructs of race. Boyer’s role, though not at the forefront, was part of a narrative that challenged audiences to think critically about society and the definition of identity.

5. “Stormy Weather” (1943) “Stormy Weather” is one of the most famous films Boyer was associated with, although her role was uncredited. The movie is a musical with an all-Black cast, featuring legends like Lena Horne, Bill Robinson, and Cab Calloway. It’s celebrated for its stunning musical performances and dance sequences. Boyer’s participation in such a significant film underscores her presence in the industry during a time when opportunities for Black actresses and dancers were limited.