Why did nachi gordon and yaakov langer split

nachi gordon and yaakov langer split
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The meaningful people podcast was formerly hosted by nachi gordon and yaakov langer the duo splitted and yaakov langer now has his own podcast.

But now, the “Meaningful People Podcast,” co-hosted by Nachi Gordon and Momo Bauman, presents weekly conversations with notable individuals from the Jewish community. The podcast focuses on uncovering the origin stories and journeys of its guests, who range from influential rabbis and CEOs to influencers and community leaders. This podcast serves as a platform for sharing inspiring and educational stories, highlighting the diverse experiences and achievements within the Jewish world. Each episode is crafted to be uplifting, informative, and entertaining, ensuring a comprehensive insight into the lives and thoughts of these significant figures​​​​.

Nachi Gordon and Momo Bauman, through their engaging and deep conversations, have created a space where listeners can learn about the personal and professional paths of Jewish personalities. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including success, failure, joy, and more, providing a holistic view of each guest’s life and contributions. The Meaningful People Podcast is part of the broader “Meaningful Minute” family and is committed to being a free resource for its audience, adding new episodes regularly. This approach allows the podcast to reach a broad audience, offering valuable insights and stories that resonate with listeners interested in the Jewish community and beyond​​​​.

Are nachi gordon and yaakov the co-hosts of the meaningful people podcast

Nachi gordon and yaakov langer are no longer hosts of the jewish podcast – meaningful people. Yaakov langer has moved on but Nachi continues to host the show with Momo Bauman.

Nachi Gordon and Yaakov Langer are known for their co-hosting roles on the podcast “Meaningful People.” This podcast is characterized by its deep, boundlessly interesting, fun, and uplifting content. It offers a weekly platform for Gordon and Langer to engage with influential figures from the Jewish community. Their discussions delve into various topics, emphasizing gratitude and the importance of building relationships through effective communication. The podcast not only showcases their interviewing skills but also reflects their commitment to exploring meaningful stories and insights from their guests​​.

Why did nachi gordon and yaakov langer split

Nachi gordon and yaakov langer split because yaakov langer has decided to launch his own podcast Inspiration for the Nation as announced on his instagram page. Both Nachi Gordon and Yaakov Langer have been influential in their podcasting and other endeavors. For instance, Nachi Gordon’s journey from a sports agent to a Torah facilitator is quite remarkable. He was one of the youngest agents to ever sign an NBA player, and his experience in the sports industry led him to create Meaningful Minute, a Torah content network. This network, which started as a solo project in his bedroom, has grown significantly, reaching thousands of people daily​​.

When did nachi gordon and yaakov langer split

Nachi gordon and yaakov langer splited in 2022 and yaakov langer now has a new podcast. The “Meaningful People Podcast,” co-created by Gordon and Langer, stemmed from their observation of Artscroll publishing books about the lives of Jewish luminaries who had passed away. They wondered what it might be like to celebrate such influencers while they were still alive. This led to their goal of sitting down with Judaism’s biggest names and personalities to discuss their lives and achievements. The podcast has had a significant impact, highlighting people who are making the world a better place and in turn, marking their own contribution to the community​​.